Saint Rien Is An Indie Wonder On “Sober Now"

Leading his sound with a cocktail of genres ranging over the course of neo-soul, sarcastic alternative, and hip pop incitements, Australia-born singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer, Saint Rien is a tune for the ages.

Now based in Los Angeles, Saint Rien debuted his magical aura with the track “Tell The Truth.” He followed his alternative sound with releases “Why2,” and “Like You.” While his songs vary in style, length, and material, the overall homage of Saint Rien remains in charge.

Lately, Saint Rien is on the reins of vast Indie music wonder with his fresh release “Sober Now.” 

Saint Rien professes a unique act in music, especially lyrically, with an enticing creation. The talented artist takes pride in basing his music on feelings and emotions and targets broad genres and audiences.

He starts-off the song with a driving figure of pulsating synth tones and deep mood stabs. The ever-so-lightly pitched-down vocals add a sense of fresh and cool vibes. This is a style that resonates with today’s slow dance floors, and it is executed tastefully with lyrical content that sets the song on an effervescent path.

This spaced-out indie track meets flavors of R&B. Forward moving keys are soaked in thick, celestial pads as he mixes it up with accented notes that shine through with slow rhythms waving the body to move. The hypnotic undertones and lyrical gems awaken the senses with a soulful appeal. A flowing bassline rumbles beneath while ornate soundscapes and vocals balance out and heighten the atmosphere.

The song oozes his vocals layered over some skipping broken beats and a bubbling funky tune, proper for early evening or late morning goodness. Saint Rien uses minimal and tech sounds and grooves, layered with smooth spikes and chopped-up hip hop induced indie vocals.

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The track is a free-spirit and calming record symbolizing the charm that is Saint Rien.

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