Listen To Rosco P’s New Music Produced By Pianogotkeys

Pianogotkeys recently produced and released an EP called ‘D.R.U.G's’ (Dear Rager's Ur Gods) with High energy performer Rosco P. The EP will have five songs that cover five different vibes, all of which true ragers will instantly crave, he said “I'm showcasing full vocal range on this project whereas previous project's I've been a bit more reserved. It features Lil Jairmy who's currently a rising name out of Houston TX that is signed to 4PF,” Rosco.

Rosco describes his music as Alternative Trap meets Punk Rock. His style of music combined with witty cadences to keep the ear in a constant state of shock is what makes him different from other performers, according to Rosco P he says, “When I hit the stage there's no breaks. We are jumping from start to finish and we're sweating out our outfits. It's a perfect sound for all ethnicities.” 

The artist is currently independent and is looking forward to beginning touring again and traveling with a larger act.

You can check him out on all social media platforms below.




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