Justin S. Grant Is Crossing Genres And Taking Names

The accomplished LA-based singer, songwriter, and whimsically creative artist Justin S. Grant lanced into a musical career this year with hit debut “Don’t Go!.”

Grant did not confine himself to one genre, he traversed through a myriad of styles ranging from pop to rap, electronic music to indie, and rock. His assemblage of singles has taken him on a trip through the unknown both musically and emotionally.

While Grant manages to succeed in every style he performs, that is not all that defines him. He is also an entrepreneur, author, and speaker. With a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and studies of world religions, Justin has packed quite the repertoire. Additionally, he has received an Audio Engineering certification from Musicians Institute in Hollywood, boasting him into a whirlwind of musical wonders.

He is the pen behind the successful book Business & Spirituality - Secrets of Personal, Professional, & Planetary Evolution, you can also find the abridged version under the title Spirituality for Busy People.

Justin S. Grant’s robust and touching experiences spanning various sectors promote his musical artistry on a whole new level. He gives music the true meaning of art as he excels in molding his vision and thought into melody.

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