Get To Know Mastah Mynde!

Mastah Mynde His artist whose name comes from him originally going by Young James Da Mastah Mynde. That name came about just from being the brightest or the most on point person in the room usually. He likes to think of himself as a critical thinker and smart person so that’s basically where it comes from.

When asked if he has any other special talents, such as acting, Mastah Mynde responded “Yes, I actually wrote a few scripts and want to get into film and acting a bit, I do poetry, I can draw, I try to sing as well even though it doesn’t always go as planned.”

What he enjoys the most about being an artist is tapping into his creative side and having the opportunity to connect with his listeners. His newest project “Bag Music Vol. 2” is out now so sure to check it out available on all streaming services!

Instagram: MastahMynde305

YouTube: Mastah Mynde

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