Conor McGregor May Have Thrown The Worst Baseball Pitch Of All Time

Minnesota Twins v Chicago Cubs

Photo: Getty Images

UFC fighter Conor McGregor's ceremonial pitch at the Cubs-Twins game Tuesday night is being called "the worst first pitch in history".

It was a disaster! McGregor, dressed in an expensive suit, not only missed the receiver with his pitch, he flung it far to the right, sending the ball bouncing off the wall but not before nearly hitting a fan.

McGregor's lightweight rival Justin Gaethje commented on McGregor's terrible pitch, tweeting "I cannot stop laughing at this. Every MMA fighter that has represented us doing this has looked terrible but this takes the cake."

McGregor said his pitch was "'a little off' its target. The venom was there, the power was there, it’s a little off accurate-wise but I’m on the one leg. You can see me base fully on the left leg that was recently just injured. I’m happy with that, I’ll take that on board."

Whatever you say, McGregor.

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