Megan Thee Stallion’s Entourage Has Awkward Encounter With F1 Interviewer

F1 Grand Prix of USA

Photo: Getty Images

It was a tough old time for F1 commentator Martin Brundle on his pre-race grid walk at the US Grand Prix. Megan Thee Stallion’s bodyguard snubbed F1 interviewer Martin Brundle after he asked the singer to “freestyle rap”. Footage of the awkward encounter took place ahead of the Grand Prix. Brundle tried getting an impromptu one-on-one chat with her as she walked by.

He asks her if she has any "rap for us today on Formula One" ... and she laughs, saying no -- she didn't have anything for him. Brundle pressed further, asking who she was rooting for. Before Megan even got a chance to respond, some dude in her crew stepped in from behind and pushed Brundle back ... apparently telling him he "couldn't do that."

Well, old Martin had a helluva come back saying that not only can he do that, but he just did. The irritated look-back from the blond assistant is priceless. 😆

It's unclear what Megan knows about F1 but she was reportedly there simply to plug Cashapp. [TMZ]

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