TikToker Thinks She Was Injected Illegally After Watching a TikTok Video

TikToker @isabelladortax thinks that she may have been injected with a mysterious substance after watching a video from a news channel that showed that women were being injected with drugs without their consent or knowledge. According to the video, the mark looks like a bruise with a pinpoint in the center of it. Once the TikToker saw this, she too thought this had happened to her since she also had a similar bruise with a pinpoint in the center.

According to the TikToker, “I was on a night out and I came home and I had the same bruise like that. I couldn’t remember anything, and I just thought I had fallen over and bruised myself,”, but now she and many other women in England are worried about their safety.

She posted a follow up video where she says that doctors said they can't do anything and for her to go back in 3 months to test for HIV.

Full story at whatstrending.com.

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