LeBron James Gets Ejected After Elbowing Opposing Player

If you weren't outside when the Malice at the Palace happened with Ben Wallace and Ron Artest, then this may not resonate with you as much as it does me.

LA Lakers' LeBron James and Detroit Pistons' Isiaah Stewart got tangled up during a free throw which ended with James elbowing Stewart in the face. I'm not going to say it was unintentional because Bron Bron definitely put some oompf behind it. He may not have intended to hit his face, but the elbow was thrown nonetheless.

Stewart wasn't happy with it, as you can imagine. He was even less happy once he saw how much blood was coming out of his head after the blow.

It took so many players and coaches to hold him back and he kept trying to get into a fight. Check the video below.

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