Dough The Freshkid Gives Back To His Community In Holiday Giveaway

Rapper DoughTheFreshkidis excited to announce that he hosted his second annual turkey giveaway in a bid to foster community and honor this year’s Thanksgiving Holiday. Dough ecstatically teamed up with Epic Music Group to hand out five hundred turkeys and unlimited canned foods to members of the community. Hosted at Tal’s Café on 2701 W. Florence Ave., Dough attributed this gesture of generosity to learning values from his family and older members in his neighborhood while he was young.

“It's no better feeling than giving back to the neighborhood you grew up in,” he said. “Growing up as a kid, I always told myself that I wanted to be legendary coming out of my section. I remember the big homies would give us dollars to go to the store to buy candy when we were kids. I said one day it's gonna be my turn and I will have to do the same thing or even more. I was also inspired by people like Bumpy Johnson from Harlem who took a lot from his community, but also put so much back into it. He gave out Turkeys during the holiday season for years. Also, my Mom's taught me and brother to always share our blessings with others because that's what God values most.”

Dough teamed up with his family members and sections of the community to successfully pull the event that was a huge success. He vows to continue being a vessel of leadership, honor, and empathy.

“Well to be honest, I don't really celebrate Thanksgiving,” Dough said. “I celebrate family togetherness, friendship, life and positive spirits and energy. However, I love the feeling of the holiday season because you can feel the happiness in the world. This is something that I strive to have daily. I tell people to live everyday like it's their favorite holiday.” 

This act of kindness is something that he hopes to continue annually and throughout the holiday season. A big reason why he started it was because of the things he experienced as a kid.

“Growing up as a kid, my grandmother always cooked during this time and all my cousins and family would come together,” he explained. “All of us kids would have so much fun playing games, playing outside, listening to music and watching the grown folks dance and just have a great time. So, that's why I love to give back during this time. It gives me the feeling I once had as a kid and I can also see the joy of the other people around me. You never know what someone else is going through, a Turkey, canned goods could actually feed a family who probably couldn't afford it at this time.” 

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