Here are the Best to Worst Gift Givers Based on Your Zodiac Sign

'Tis the season IE. There will be many gift exchanges this holiday season, whether it is between family members, co-workers, or friends.

I randomly got curious about who is the best gift giver based on zodiac signs. Sure enough, there is a list on the Internet that breaks it all down. I'll put the ranks below, but before you look. Who do you think is the WORST gift giver?

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So according to Thought Catalog, here is how they rank the Zodiac signs and how good of a gift a giver they are from best to worst. Let me also disclose, I am not the BIGGEST follower of Astrology, but I know many that have dedicated their beings with understanding it. I still find it very fascinating.

Okay, enough of my babbling. Here are the rankings:

  1. Aquarius - Because they live to help other people and are very thoughtful making them great gift givers
  2. Cancer - Caners a sentimental and appreciative of those close to them. Because of this they may give you a thoughtful gift that will make you cry.
  3. Pisces - One of their qualities is the ability to hold compassion for others. They won't ask you for your gift list, they just somehow KNOW what you want.
  4. Scorpio - Scorpios make great friends. They keep their loved ones in mind and will give you a gift that may be an inside joke that only you two would get.
  5. Sagittarius - A very generous sign, Sagittarians love to give gifts. They may break the budget, but they will find you something you'll like.
  6. Virgo - Paying attention to the details, Virgos have a knack to give you a gift based on their observations. They will try to get you something to fit your lifestyle.
  7. Libra - Libras love the holidays because it brings people together. They will give you a good gift even if you don't get them anything because they're just nice people.
  8. Gemini - With their unpredictable nature, it's really hard to know what kind of gift you're getting from a Gemini. It will either be something you like or something you're going to regift.
  9. Taurus - Taurus will get you something that you NEED. They will bluntly ask you what you want rather than surprise you.
  10. Capricorn - Like a Taurus, Capricorns will get you something useful; something that balances what you want and what you need.
  11. Leo - Leos tend to be generous, but sometimes give gifts that is more about them than you. Like getting you tickets to a concert that you both can go to.
  12. Aries - Coming in "last" place are Aries. I am an Aries (lol). Aries aren't planners. They will do things at last minute and their gifts may be more about convenience than thoughtfulness.

See more on the rankings here. Do you agree or disagree with any of these??

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