Sweet Taboo Reps California on American Song Contest

California STAND UP!

I had the pleasure of talking to the lovely ladies of Sweet Taboo, the group that will be featured tonight on the NBC show American Song Contest. The show features acts from every state and these lovely three ladies (Jen, Sami & ICP Bre) will be representing California. Bre is an IE native so you KNOW we're showing love at KGGI. I ask them about the pressure of performing in front of a West Coast Legend in Snoop Dogg, the role TIkTok plays in music today, and more.

The full interview is below. Keep in mind I'm a boomer and don't know how to use Zoom so you're not going to see my face.

I had so much fun and cannot wait to hear more from Sweet Taboo. Check them out tonight at 8pm on NBC's American Song Contest.

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