Move Over Fake Drake, Fake Olivia Rodrigo Has Arrived

So if you're unaware, there is a guy that slightly resembles Drake. The guy has capitalized on the look-a-like gimmick and has actually made some decent bread doing club appearances. Drake is cool with it too!

Well now there's a new celeb look-a-like that's going viral and it's Temecula's own Olivia Rodrigo!

TikTok user Buejnfp17 dressed up as the Driver's License singer and it blew up on Tiktok! 1.5 million view on the video that even garnered some attention from the actual singer in the comments.

Olivia comments and says "no I thought she was me too."

Pretty amazing! I guess the moral of the story is to figure out what celebrity you look like and just exist and hope you go viral!

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