This Harry Styles Track Is Niall Horan's 'Favorite Song At the Moment’

Photo: Getty Images

Niall Horan has been listening to his former One Direction bandmate Harry Styles. During a rapid-fire Q&A with American Golf, the singer revealed his current favorite song and it turns out it's by none other than Styles.

“Ooh, good question, wow,” Horan said. “I’ll go with Harry’s song, "As It Was." Great song.” Harry's hit song has been at the top of the charts since it was released in April as the lead single from his critically acclaimed third studio album Harry's House. Horan went on to reveal his childhood idol. "Bruce Springsteen has always been a hero of mine," he answered.

Back in June, Harry revealed how he feels about a possible One Direction reunion with Niall, Zayn, Louis Tomlinson, and Liam Payne. When he was asked if there “will ever be a day where you and the boys will share the stage together again.” He replied that although he doesn’t know if it would happen, “the thought of it is a really nice one, I think.” He added, “I’d love for there to be a time where it felt like something we all wanted to do. “I very much enjoyed [the albums] and I think we all went through something really special together. There’s a lot of love there. So, yeah, I think if there’s a moment for us to do in the right way, I think it would be great.”

Niall's shoutout also comes after The X-Factor released never-before-seen footage of exactly how One Direction was formed. The show also shared extended versions of auditions from Harry and did the same for Zayn shortly after.

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