Twitter Reacts to Being Able to Buy Verification Check Marks

I have said for at least the past 5 years that Twitter is the undisputed king of social media platforms in terms of entertainment. TikTok a close second. Since Elon Musk has purchased the platform, it's been a big question mark as to how it will affect the platform as a whole. Well, the very first day he owned it, the use of the N-word increased by 500%.

Now, Musk is allowing Twitter users to essentially buy their verification check marks for an $8 per month subscription.

Media personality James Andre Jefferson Jr. has a fun take on it

You can check if people pay for the check mark too. If you click on the users check mark it will specify if the account has been deemed "noteworthy" by Twitter or if they have purchased Twitter Blue. Of course, people are already shaming the people that bought it too.

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