Couple Loses Teaching Jobs After Students Find OnlyFans Accounts

Teachers NEVER get the credit or PAY that they deserve. This unfortunate story comes out of Havasu, where a young teacher was doing all she could to make ends meet. We often hear about how teachers have to come out of their own pockets to get school supplies.

Samantha Peer who was teaching at Thunderbolt Middle School at the time, started an OnlyFans account to have an additional source of income. According to KTLA, a community member discovered the account. Peer said that she blocked the ENTIRE state of Arizona from being able to find it. She says she also went under an alias.

Things started heating up when Peer and her husband filmed pornographic content at the school, though she says it was outside of school hours where no one was there. Both teachers resigned after being put under pressure from the administration.

She did everything she could to keep from having the account trace back to her, but it still wasn't enough. Even her reason was noble enough which was to help raise funds for her work as a teacher.

What do you think IE?

You can see her statement below.

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