'Family Guy' Catching Heat for Joke About Nispey Hussel

The sitcom 'Family Guy' is no stranger to controversy. So, it doesn't really surprise me that it is catching some heat for a joke made in the show. This one in particular is a joke about the late, great Nipsey Hussle who was tragically shot and killed in LA in 2019.

The joke refers to a music festival having holograms of Tupac and Nipsey. See the clip below.

I can see how people in the IE and basically all of California would think of this joke as out of pocket. Because many, of us (especially if you're a hip-hop fan) saw Nipsey's come up and saw that was doing his own thing and getting major props from all the big names in hip-hop. However, maybe you're a Nebraskian who doesn't listen to rap and doesn't really have a frame of reference to the late rapper. I don't know, it's not necessarily a funny joke, but I guess I can personally see what they're trying to do.

What do you think about it IE?

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