LA Philharmonic Goes Viral for 'Orgasmic' Experience

I will be honest: I wasn't going to write about this one. It is hard for me to trust a lot of outrageous as genuine, because there are so many staged incidents for publicity, clout, whatever. But, I figured, this is something that can't be ignored.

Shout out to the LA Philharmonic. The orchestra has gone viral today, due to the face that a concertgoer had an orgasmic experience. Now, I'm not just talking about a "When Harry Met Sally" type of experience. I mean, person was screaming LOUDER than the actual orchestra!

Take a listen below.

Of course so many people were talking about it on Twitter too.

What's impressive is the orchestra continued to play through the piece of music unphased. We're still waiting for more details to come out, but in the meantime it might be a good idea to add a symphony or two to your sexy time playlist.

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