Rising Artist OGPD Drops New "MPR" Mixtape

Fans of budding artist OGPD have a lot to look forward to with his recently released mixtape “MPR” that dropped earlier this month. OGPD’s second mixtape continues to spread his unique musical style and versatility, keeping him on track to be one of the hottest new artists in the industry. To do this, he’s staying true to himself, and his authenticity and commitment to his message—that “tough times don’t last, but that tough people do”—have propelled him to strive to be his own boss, make his name globally renowned, and inspire others to do the same. 

Born and raised in the Bronx with Southern ties and Caribbean influences, OGPD was first exposed to the world of music through his father, one of the biggest DJs in uptown New York in the early to mid 90s. He began experimenting with music at a young age, falling in tune with the craft and its many elements. Now, his music is bringing all the vibes, and he’s putting his brand“1050”onthe world’s stage with hopes of stretching into other industries—film, real estate, and apparel being among them.“[My music] motivates all people,” OGPD says on the message he’s working to promote to his audience. “Not only to dance and feel good, but to also go out and get it.” 

That’s the heart of OGPD and 1050—to promote the hustle. And as a self-made artist and entrepreneur, OGPD is no stranger to the importance of a support system. Reflecting on his career, he thanks his community for playing that role. “Without the community, there is no me, ”he says. “We are products of our environment, and we need to help clean or rebuild our communities for the future. ”For OGPD, anything is possible, and he’s telling his listeners—the youth, his community, the world—that staying true to themselves and setting their sights high is the way to go. He is, after all, modeling that himself. “MPR” is the mixtape to listen to for those who plan on following suit. 

Check out for OGPD’s mixtape “MPR” on all platforms!

Be sure to follow OGPD on Instagram @_OGPD_ to stay updated on the release and all of OGPD’s upcoming projects and pursuits. 

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