Kid Jay came from humble beginnings but has orchestrated an illustrious career over the past two decades celebrating a successful path as a traveling club and concert DJ, a #1 Rated On-Air Radio Personality, an event and show producer, as well as the DJ for the Lopez Tonight Show on TBS and the DJ for the NBA Los Angeles Lakers. Kid Jay is a constant professional and is always evolving. Today you can find Kid Jay on the cutting edge of the nation's top DJs and video mixers, providing a visual extension to his wide musical knowledge and prominent mixing skills. Kid Jay can be found seamlessly integrating EDM, Hip Hop, Top 40, Old School, Mash-Ups and Rock in his sets. When DJing, whether in Southern California or in Las Vegas, he keeps the floor moving and the people dancing. Kid Jay has honed several skills, including his mixing techniques and his unrivaled ability to command an audience through the microphone. He has hosted and DJ prestigious events and shows the likes of Lakers TV, KCAL Sports, E3 Conventions, Lowrider Car Shows, Disneyland, Official Super Bowl Parties and National Tours for renowned comedian George Lopez. In addition to hosting several well respected events and shows, Kid Jay has also had hosting duties as an On-Air personality for some of the nation's top radio stations, Power 106FM in Los Angeles, Jamming Z90 in San Diego and is currently the host of the #1 Rated radio station 99.1KGGI FM in Southern California. Kid Jay is not only a DJ and an On-Air personality, but his professionalism has allowed him the opportunity to work Fortune 500 companies that have simply entrusted their brand to his unique skill set. Kid Jay has had the pleasure of working with companies like American Express, Coca-Cola, Warner Brothers, Electronic Arts, Delta and American Airlines. Kid Jay has also generated a wide collection of relationships with celebrities hosting and supporting events for individuals like Kobe Bryant, Mike Tyson, George Lopez, Jamie Foxx, Shaquille O'Neal and Magic Johnson. As the DJ for the Los Angels Lakers Kid Jay was afforded the opportunity to play his music for a national audience throughout their NBA National Championship celebrations, as well as the orchestrating the music for the Championship Parades through Los Angeles and the collective celebration in the Los Angeles Coliseum.Kid Jay loves what he does and it translates through his work. His passion and creativity have allowed him a successful career spanning over a decade and is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon as he continues to attain new residencies both in California and Las Vegas. His Radio Show continues to grow and his skills are only getting better. Kid Jay's ability to read a crowd and give them what they want in the exact moment that they need it, sets him apart from other DJs and demonstrates why he is a vital and positive asset to any successful project.



(866) 991-KGGI or (909) 431-5991