Compton Native Paul Cabbin Delivers That True West Coast Sound

Get to know the legendary Paul Cabbin! He is a musician who turned producer and has worked with some of the greatest in the music industry. Along with making music and producing, Paul Cabbin also plays various instruments such as keyboards, bass, and drums which has given him the opportunity to stand out in an industry of producers.

When asked when did he start making music, Paul Cabbin responded “I started when I was 14 years old just trying to play the songs I’d hear on the radio on the keys. I was also playing drums in church at that time. So, growing up in the church playing every Sunday I’d say when I took the music serious.”

An impact that Paul Cabbin hopes to make with his music is he hopes to inspire other musicians to be musical. He feels that a lot of the records he has produced have gone against what’s “popular” or “normal” but that’s that separates Paul Cabbin from the rest. In his newest collaborstions, his song by G-Eazy titled “Provide” featuring Chris Brown is out now so be sure to check out if you haven’t already!

Instagram: @paulcabbin

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