Dre-Ski Highly Anticipated Visual “Get Back” Dropping Monday

Virginia-raised artist Dre-ski is completely hands-on when it comes to his creative process, writing his own songs and engineering his own music. Focused on making music with substance, Dre-ski’s passion for his craft shines through in all the work he produces, and his latest visual for his single “Get Back”, also produced by Jay Uncut and set for release later this week, speaks volumes on his values as an overall creative.

As a serial entrepreneur and veteran in the music industry, Dre-Ski acknowledges that it took authenticity and passion to get to where he is today. Dre-Ski grew up on all genres of music, primarily 90s and 2000s R&B. From there, he went on to pursue his music career after high school, writing raps over instrumentals and eventually opening up for Lupe Fiasco and Fabulous in 2012. “I started taking it serious again in 2016,” Dre-Ski says. “It was then that I started my independent recording label and brand ‘XB Music Group’.” After establishing himself in the music industry with his independent label, he put out his first few mixtapes Calm Your Taste Budz 2 and 3, and Keep The Change 1 and 2. Shortly afterward, Dre-Ski released his debut EP Long Story Short in 2019, followed by his 2020 EPs Game 6 and 4 Real Ones Only

“My passion for music has always been undeniable,” Dre-Ski reflects, and that passion persists in all the work he does. With his versatile lyricism and persistent work ethic, Dre-Ski refuses to limit himself to any one category or style of music, prepping for the release of his new EP and even venturing into other aspects of business, including trucking and real estate. “The beauty is,” he underscores, “it will always circle back to music.” 

Look out for Dre-ski’s latest visual for “Get Back” set to drop this Monday, September 27th, and follow him on Instagram @TheReal_DreSki to keep up with him and his work.

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