Nell Burna Is Unstoppable!

Nell Burna Was born Ternell demorris Ormond and grew up in the greater Washington D.C area, where he is inspired by his city, upbringing, and life story. This year, he has taken his music career to the next level by investing in himself and focusing on being a better person. Working on his music and building relationships is also a main priority of his. The rapper, actor, and engineer enjoys perfecting his craft while staying true to himself. Nell Burna is blessed to have been around and have family and friends in the industry. Now it is his time to set the tone.

“I work hard and waited patiently, when it’s my time it’s my time God knows my path.”

An impact Nell Burna hopes to make with his music is he wants to make a name for himself and be able to inspire others. He is and be blessed enough to be in a position where he can give back and help others. With the hopes of building a learning center in my old neighborhood, Nell Burna is just getting started and is excited to see what the future holds.He has been working hard in the studio and is also set to shoot some visuals this month.Be. Sure to tap in with Nell Burna when his new music drops!

Instagram: @nellburna1

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