Baby Zé Is On A Roll With His Single “ON THE ROLLIE” Dropping Soon!

Off his most recent single “Take Off” Atlanta based artist Baby Zé is set to release his next single “On The Rollie.” On this upcoming single you will be able to hear his self-described swaggy rap/trap rap style. His last single “Take Off” was one of his best performing singles gaining over 7 thousand streams and he has only recently started making music back in 2018. His interest in music sparked when he was a child from playing instruments like the drums and the piano and participating in his high school concert band. From originally being known as a videographer and photographer, Baby Zé is continuing to build his name as an artist.

Baby Zé feels that the real importance and foundation of life is having knowledge and that’s the advice he gives other up-and-coming artists. During an interview he stated “I think the most necessary form of giving back is knowledge,” he continued to say “the goal for me is to spread knowledge across my community. Knowledge is the foundation for growth, and growth is what we need to prevail inside and outside of our community.”

Outside of music Baby Ze enjoys roller-skating and that is probably where you can find him outside the studio. He has had countless videos online that have gone viral of him dancing while skating which has brought him a lot of attention to his social media which has also turned into fans who love his music.Although he has a deep love for skating music continues to stay at the forefront of his focus.

Be sure to look out for Baby Zé’s upcoming single “On The Rollie” and stream the rest of his music on all platforms! Make sure to follow Baby Zé on Instagram @itsbabyze and his Facebook, Baby Zé Music, to keep up with him and all his latest/upcoming work.

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