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Timmy The Sheep Could Be The 2023 Cadbury Bunny

You know those Carberry easter egg commercials every year that say they are looking for a new Cadbury bunny for easter.

There is a sheep from Vacaville, CA who is one of the top 10 finalists!

His name is Timmy and he lives at the Funky Chicken Rescue Sanctuary. 

Timmy (the sheep) was chosen as a finalist out of thousands of submissions across the country

A few years back, Timmy was rescued as an orphan from a farm in Utah where an infection left him unable to walk.

His owner Darcy Smith says, "Four different vets told me that he needed to be euthanized, that he would never walk again. But I knew he would," 

With the help of leg braces, Timmy slowly began to walk, run and even hop and is now one of 10 finalists to not only become the 2023 Cadbury bunny but to win $10,000

Darcy says that, "If Timmy wins, we would just use all of the money, the whole $10,000, to take care of the animals."

To see Timmy the sheep, wearing some his Cadbury bunny ears, click HERE and VOTE for Timmy to win!

Watch the CBS 13 story HERE

Photo Credit :: Getty

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