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Girl Born The Size Of A ‘Mouse’ Defies Odds At 18 Years Old, 33 Inches Tall

Mandeep Batwal is a very special teen from a small village in Punjab, India and it’s not difficult to figure out why once you see her.

18 years old, Mandeep was born and appeared to be one of the smallest babies anyone in her village had ever seen. Reportedly, she was born the size of a mouse. Doctors were not hopeful that she would make it and survive like other children.

Yet somehow, she did.

It was several years after that that her parents realized Mandeep had dwarfism.

“She was around 5 when we came to know her dwarfism,” her father explained. “We witnessed she is shorter than her age mates, so we went to the doctor for a check-up. She was given medicines but did not gain normal weight.”

Luckily, despite this set-back that no doubt worried Mandeep’s parents, their daughter has been doing just fine.

“People love her and treat her as a child,” he went on. “Picking her [up] in their laps and offering her [treats].”

Mandeep might be the shortest person villagers have ever seen, but she is happy, 18 years old, and currently stands at 33 inches tall. This is the equivalent height for an average two year old.

Caters News explains that, because of Mandeep’s small frame and weaker organs, she does struggle a bit to walk long distances and play like others might. So, villagers will carry her around like a toddler.

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Thumbnail Credit: Caters News