Study Finds Parents Are Clueless About What Kids Are Doing On Their Phones

Mommies, Daddies, it's time we have a talk.

Occasionally, I feel compelled to write an article aiming directly at parents, because I genuinely feel so many of us are trying the best we can to raise these babies, but don't have all the info we need to be successful in all areas of their lives. With technology changing at a rapid pace, even the most plugged-in mom or dad can miss some of the most important and even damaging things happening.

Case in point, a new poll that even had me looking like a deer in headlights. It found that a whopping 72% of parents have little clue as to what their kids are doing on their mobile devices. That's a giant percentage, friends.

Further more, 20% of kids admit they have a second Instagram account under a different name with content they don’t want their parents to know about. That's the big one. I've had this conversation with my daughter because I was seeing many of her friends with these "spam" accounts (a second account for close friends only). She, of course, wanted a second account, but I told her she was lucky to have one. I added that if I found out she had a second account without my consent, she would face my wrath. (she knows what that means... lol) I believe she and I are close enough for her to tell me most anything, and I'm pretty chill or "lax" on many things, but if she broke my trust it would be game over for some of her freedoms. I'm not delusional though, I realize she's a teen and going to keep things from me, but things involving social media should not be one of them in my mind.

More stats to come from this poll: Children between eight and 15 are on their devices an average of 40 hours a week, with 10% on them for 90 hours a week. WOW. That's a whole adult work week kids are spending in front of a small screen. There's no way you can monitor what your child is watching if they are spending THAT amount of time looking at a screen. We just gotta do better. Dare I say, SAY 'NO!' It's not easy, but no one said parenting is supposed to be.

OK, done ranting. What do you think about this poll? Is it alarming to you? Will you be following up with your kids today?

Evelyn Erives

Evelyn Erives

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