Decoding That Minnesota Vikings Lyric & More In Lizzo's "Truth Hurts"

By now you are probably obsessed with Lizzo's "Truth Hurts" like I am. That said, I started doing some digging on the lyrics of the female empowering song, because I was curious about the lyric "new man in the Minnesota Vikings". Like, does she or did she have a man in the Minnesota Vikings at one time?? That's when I found all these great posts about the song and that very same topic! Apparently, I was not alone in my quest for answers.

My search found me falling down a rabbit hole of knowledge on the song. I learned how some radio stations have actually edited the song lyrics to exclude the Vikings reference, specifically stations in Wisconsin, and I was blown away to find out that this song was actually released nearly TWO YEARS AGO and gained popularity this year with the release of Lizzo's 3rd album AND when it used in a fun scene in Netflix's "Someone Great" (below).

Back to the reason I started this research project, the Minnesota Vikings lyric. According to Oprah Magazine's very well done breakdown of the song's lyrics, Lizzo wrote this song about a guy she was dating from Detroit. So the NFL lyric was a jab at his city.

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