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Evelyn's Family Competed On "Survivalists" And Here's How You Can Watch!

The Laudenslagers on Survivalists. Photo By: Paul Jepsen for BYU

In case you missed it, last week Evelyn's family competed on BYU-TV's new series "Survivalists" and now everyone can watch it on demand for free!!

Yes, this is the show Evelyn has been teasing us about for the last 6 months. Her family (Laudenslager is her married name) had the opportunity to travel to Idaho last Summer for an incredible week of adventure in what they all say was the hardest challenge of their lives!

Here's the episode description from BYU-TV:

World explorer Colin O’Brady hosts the Thompsons from Atlanta, Georgia, and the Laudenslagers from Riverside, California, in a spectacular 16-mile expedition that will have them climbing to dizzying heights and plunging into icy waters. The Laudenslagers plan to unplug from their podcasts so they can connect to each other in person. The Thompsons hope that their daughters will learn to communicate in order to grow closer as a family unit. The families will compete in survival challenges before grabbing all the essential items they need to survive an expedition that will see them on horseback, navigating to extreme heights, and diving into a frigid lake. Only one family makes it to the finish line, but who is capable of surviving these extreme conditions to claim the $10,000 cash prize?

Here's the link to watch it for free: BYU-tv Stream - Episode 9 - All Or Nothing

Evelyn and her family talk about the behind the scenes and things you didn't see on the show on the last episode of their podcast - Survivalists Skillet!

Hope you enjoyed watching them compete as much as we did!

Evelyn's family, the Laudenslagers of Riverside, CA on Survivalists for BYU TV
BTS Survivalist Outtake from BYU TV

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