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This Is What Your Snacking Preference Says About Your Personality

Salty snacks assortment shot from above

When it comes to snacking, some people have a sweet tooth, while others love their snacks savory. But did you know your preference could be revealing a lot about you?

  • A new survey found that there are some real personality differences between those who love their snacks sweet and those who prefer them savory.
  • Those with a sweet tooth tend to be more social when they snack, with 20% saying they snack while hanging out with friends, and 19% do it while enjoying a game night.
  • On the other hand, savory snackers prefer their treats for more intimate occasions, with 27% enjoying them on dates, and 23% preferring them while bingeing a TV show.

Other characteristics of Savory snackers include:

  • They like to shop at the mall (31%)
  • Blues or rock is their favorite music (31%)
  • They prefer to read historical fiction (29%)
  • They love science fiction movies (37%)
  • And they also love science fiction TV shows (33%) 

On the other hand, for Sweet snackers:

  • The beach is their favorite place (28%)
  • Their favorite music is rap/hip-hop (18%)
  • They prefer to read comedy books (22%)
  • They also prefer comedy films (25%)
  • And comedy TV shows (27%) 

Source: SWNS Digital

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