20% of People Never Clean This Item in Their Kitchen... What Is It?

Water flowing out of a kitchen stainless steel tap into the sink. Wasting water by leaving a chrome faucet tap running. Water misuse in domestic duties and activities. Overusing household water.

Photo: Getty Images

Some Americans need to give their dishwashers a serious scrubbing. A new survey found that 20% of Americans never clean their dishwasher! 26% said they rarely cleaned theirs.

For those who don't clean their dishwashers, consider this; a 2019 microbiology experiment tested 30 household dishwashers and found 632 types of bacteria from 74 different bacterial series.

15% of Americans surveyed said they didn't clean their fridges, either, while 8% said they never cleaned their ovens. [EatThis]

...I'm guilty of never cleaning my dishwasher. Looks like now I have Labor Day Weekend plans now.

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