The Grinch's Cave Has Been Listed On Vacasa & You Can Take A Virtual Tour

The Grinch

Photo: Getty Images

First it was the "Home Alone" house, now it's the Grinch's Cave that has been turned into a vacation rental!

Vacasa recreated the super authentic looking lair (which is sadly, already fully booked) in a remote-ish area in Utah that some lucky renters are going to get the opportunity to stay the night in!

From the listing:

Plan a one-of-a-kind holiday experience in the Grinch's fully functional cave home just north of Who-ville—more specifically, Boulder, Utah.
Step into the Grinch’s green, furry shoes in his multilevel 5,700-square-foot lair. You can play his organ, drink from his coffee maker, read his books, and dream about all the ways you too could steal Christmas. You’ll find a main bedroom, an additional guest bedroom, and two bathrooms—plus a study and a music room (which, unlike the Grinch, you can use for caroling). There’s also a full kitchen, which the Grinch has stocked with a few of his favorites, including roast beast, Who-pudding, and an emergency stash of Who-hash.

You can take a virtual tour here and get major FOMO, like I just did.

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