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Avoid These 6 Foods If You Want To Sleep Through The Entire Night

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Eating certain foods can make it difficult to sleep. MindBodyGreen consulted Registered Dietician Julie Stefanski, who says these foods should be avoided at bedtime:

Spicy food - the capsaicin in spicy food can disrupt some sleep cycles.

Alcohol - it interferes with deep, REM sleep and can make waking up difficult.

Fried & fatty foods - which can disrupt digestion in the middle of the night.

Acidic foods - You want to decrease stomach acid production before bedtime.

Carbonated and caffeinated beverages - carbonation also disrupts digestion and caffeine can keep you awake.

Big meals - Stefanski said you should avoid large meals before bed.

Stefanski recommends eating foods like bananas, chickpeas, nuts and seeds, and dark chocolate for a healthy dose of magnesium, which can support sleep.

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