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The One Thing To Change If You Want A Happier Life...

Nothing inspires happiness like love

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We all want to be happy and live a happier life. Here is the one thing you change that can make all the difference!

Dr. Robert Waldinger has been researching this topic for decades as the director of the world's longest-running scientific study of happiness. Waldinger says it began as a study of what makes people "thrive."

"We've spent so much time studying what goes wrong in life. And so, this was a study of how people take good paths as they go through life," said Waldinger. Data shows that there is one thing people can change to live a happier life.

"They should invest in their relationships with other people." He points to relationships acting as stress regulators in our everyday lives, and having connections is vital to our health.

And the old statement, "never too late," has a lot of truth to it.

"You know, we've tracked these lives for eight decades. And the wonderful thing about following these life stories is we learn it's never too late," he added. 

"There were people who thought they were never going to have good relationships, and then found a whole collection of good close friends in their 60s or 70s. There were people who found romance for the first time in their 80s. And so the message that we get from studying these thousands of lives is that it is never too late." [Read More]

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