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Sleep Specialists Share Foods Not To Eat Before Bed

Chocolate Chip Cookies and Milk

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You might be tempted to have a snack before bed, I know I am, but some sleep scientists are giving a heads-up on what to avoid. 

HuffPost talked to several sleep doctors about what they wouldn't eat before bedtime. 

Dairy has saturated fat and can lead to lighter and less restorative sleep. That glass of milk or ice cream could also upset your stomach. 

Spicy foods can affect your sleep as well. One scientist said, "Capsaicin (usually found in spicy foods) is thought to raise body temperature, which interferes with comfortable sleep." Spicy foods can also cause acid reflux and indigestion. 

Sugary and salty snacks like chips, cookies, and candy can spike your blood sugar and make it hard to get some shut-eye. 

Alcohol is another no-no. While a glass of wine or a sip of a spirit can soothe you, research says alcohol reduces the amount of REM sleep and can cause you to be tired when you wake up.

So what should you snack on if you have the munchies before bed? The sleep scientists suggest something low carb and higher in lean protein. How about some veggies or Greek yogurt? Yummy! [Read More]

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