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Tino Cochino Radio

Tino Cochino Radio is the fastest growing radio show in the country currently airing in 65+ cities. The cast includes Tino Cochino, Serina Perez,...Full Bio

Two Losers (03/01/24 - FULL SHOW)

The Chizza (02/29/24 - FULL SHOW)

A TCR listener rejects her husband in the bedroom but has a solid reason, Matt says something VERY disrespectful, Nicasio talks guy code, Tino sounds interested in the new KFC menu item, and Serina opens an old wound...

Hornivore (02/28/24 - FULL SHOW)

Matt is super bothered over today's Listener Therapy, Serina talks "Premature Intimacy", Nicasio reveals his diet, and Tino speaks to a 13-year-old bullying victim...

Words Matter (Ep98)

This week, Tino interviews Logan, a 13 year old who has recently experienced his share of bullying. How does he stay motivated? How does he block the negativity? Also, Tino finally spoke to his Dad and Chelsea joins to answer the "10 questions to determine how well you know your partner."

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White Pee (02/27/24 - FULL SHOW)

A TCR listener is NOT ok with her man being someone else's "work husband", Serina co-signs on a list of things women notice first about men, Tino asks if you could give up your phone for $10k, and Nicasio admits to being a "trashy parent."

Permanent Snooze Button (02/26/24 - FULL SHOW)

A TCR listener might quit her job because of her dog, Tino agrees with the people upset with Bad Bunny, Nicasio shows his toxicity (again), Matt reveals the ONE thing he hates doing with his wife, and Serina doesn't understand how gravity works...

#309 - Digital Detox

This week, Tino questions a possible digital detox. Serina talks premature intimacy, Nicasio's boy almost got him and his friends caught up and Matt's wife only loves him for his physical attributes.

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Tiktok/Instagram: @tinocochinoradio

Booster Seat

A TCR listener's husband wants her to quit her job and be a stay-at-home mom, Nicasio talks smack about public school, Serina will never get a job at Red Lobster, and Tino talks about eloping on "Is Anyone Listening"...


A TCR listener has a boyfriend who's rude to servers & bartenders, Matt goes (kind of) viral and then is trolled on IG, Serina doesn't believe in putting dogs and cats down, Are You Smarter Than Nicasio, and Tino's wife got shamed on a plane...

Spicy Mayo (Ep97)

TINO AND CHELS GOT MARRIED!!! Hear how it all went down :)

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