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Tino Cochino Radio is the fastest growing radio show in the country currently airing in 65+ cities. The cast includes Tino Cochino, Serina Perez,...Full Bio

Alone on Father's Day (06/14/24 - FULL SHOW)

Rocky, Are You There? (06/11/24 - FULL SHOW)

A TCR listener found out his best friend slept with his ex, Tino sees a "Pet Psychic" with some crazy results, we all wonder about Nicasio's "obsession", Matt admits to being a bad texter and Serina reveals why dating is stressing out women to the point of passing out!

The Machine Gun feat Michael Blackson

Oh boy! Such a good convo with one of the funniest dudes in the game, Michael Blackson! From funny jokes to real life gems, we hope you enjoy! 

Instagram: @tinocochinoradio

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Ashley Madison (06/10/24 - FULL SHOW)

A TCR listener won't let her son go over to his best friend's house for a playdate, Serina's sick of Rihanna's lack of new music, Matt can't stand when men moan in pubic restrooms, Are You Smarter Than Nicasio, and Tino warns against watching a Netflix documentary with your partner...

Open Drawers?? (06/07/24 - FULL SHOW)

A TCR listener is arguing with her husband over her in-laws being invited to their family vacation, Serina does something around the house that makes her husband worried about her health, Matt's getting shamed for leaving his kids at summer camp, and Nicasio poses a concern about a member of the show...

Matt Gets Duped (06/06/24 - FULL SHOW)

A TCR listener is concerned for her best friend in her new relationship, Tino tries to use TikTok to get a bigger portion at Chipotle, Serina talks women who choose to be single even though it's more expensive, Nicasio avoids and ignores his girlfriend to "strengthen" their relationship, and Matt gets tricked into thinking he won $5,000...

Easton Perez (06/05/24 - FULL SHOW)

A TCR listener just found out the girl he's dating is pregnant from a previous relationship, Serina shuts down her husband because of a baby name, Matt apparently puts his heart at risk every flight he takes, and Nicasio think men have it harder than women...

This Story Sucks! (06/04/24 - FULL SHOW)

A TCR listener is VERY concerned about her daughter's mooching behavior, Matt educates everyone on "Tolygamy", Tino rails against bachelor parties, Serina tells a story about a childhood bully - and Nicasio is unimpressed...

Figure It Out feat Eric Bernal (Ep3)

This week, our guest is Eric Bernal. Eric's podcast is actually the first place I publicly announced that I wanted to pursue stand up! His demanding presense is felt both on and off the stage. He's been building a very strong name for himself and I'm excited for you all to hear this super transparent and in-depth convo. Enjoy!

Instagram: @tinocochinoradio

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Baby Phat (06/03/24 - FULL SHOW)

A TCR listener is upset that he's not involved with the planning of his wife's baby shower, Matt is guilty of a toxic work behavior, Serina can't stand that a Chipotle bowl cost almost $30, Are You Smarter Than Nicasio, and Tino has a much better sleep experience than a viral woman's "sleep shopping"...